best hearing aids

A hearing aid is a highly technological device that empowers you to hear better days and live your better life.
5 basic component are;-
Digital chip
This is highly sophisticated communications device is programmed by your hearing care.
Specially created to amplify selectively- helping to count down on the background noise of the sound. we most to want to hear.the hearing aids create the clear sound.and easier to hear and understand.professional will use to customize the hearing aid to your hearing specific lifestyle and listenings needs.
Because the ear-brain connection changes as you hearing a new tone and sounds.
A hearing aid is working perfectly to allow for easier listening.

How do hearing aids work?

1.microphone pickup the sound.
2.sound are analyzed by the sound chip.
The 3.processed sound is sent to the amplifier.
4.sound are then transmitted by the loudspeaker into the inner ear. the inner ear are sound by the transformed into electrical impulses.
6.impulses are picked by the brain where they are processed.

Hearing aids style-

1- Behind the ear-easy to cleaned an handled relatively sturdy.
2-on the ear-a very thin tube connect the aids to the ear canal.
3-(1)in the ear-all parts are connected in a shell, which fills in the ear canal.
   (2)easy to handle
4-in the canal-
Smallest in size which makes it difficult to handle and adjust for some user.

Common hearings aids features-

1-Sound from a specific direction amplified to a greater level.
2-listener to understand speech in noisy environments.
3-feedback suppression.
4-to-coil-also work well in environments.
5-help to reduce the chance of hearing aids whistling.


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